2008 World Series of Poker

Event 41 - $1,500 Mixed Hold'em
Days: 3

Gary Strikes First

Limit Hold'em:

On the very first hand of play following break, the players find themselves in a big pot. Frank Gary raises from the button, and Jonathan Tamayo makes the call.

The flop comes {6-Hearts} {4-Diamonds} {7-Spades}. Tamayo checks it over, and Gary bets and gets called.

The turn card is the {9-Hearts}. Tamayo leads out this time, and Gary comes right back over the top with a raise. Tamayo flat calls.

The river is the {3-Diamonds}. Tamayo leads out again with another bullet, and Gary looks frustrated. After taking a moment, he does make the call, and the cards are revealed:

Tamayo - {9-?} {10-?}
Gary - {9-?} {9-?}

Gary's set of nines is plenty good enough to win him a big pot, and vault him well up into the chip lead. He has closed in on the one-and-a-half-million mark.