Event 42 - $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em World Championship

Event Info

Buy-in $1,000
Prize Pool $2,018,380
Players 2,218

Level Info

Level 25
Blinds 30,000 / 60,000
Ante 5,000

Fred Berger Eliminated...Almost!

Fred Berger moved all in from under-the-gun for 240,000 and the action folded to Dale Eberle in the big blind who made the call.

Berger: {A-Hearts}{9-Clubs}
Eberle: {A-Spades}{10-Diamonds}

The board ran out {K-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{Q-Spades} and there is some confusion as the players shake hands after it is announced the Eberle has won the pot and Berger is eliminated. However after the board is rechecked it becomes clear that the pot should be chopped as the kickers of each player do not play. Berger stays alive!

Wood Takes Back to Back Pots

Preflop, Jerry Yamachika raised from the button to 80 and Charles Wood made the call. As the flop was turned over, the first card showed was the {K-Hearts} , and before the flop could be spread, Wood was all in. The flop was {K-Hearts} {2-Clubs} {7-Hearts}. Yamachika folded.

The next hand, Dale Eberle raised to 90k and Wood made the call. Before the flop, Wood said that he was playing his favorite hand. On a flop of {9-Hearts} {5-Clubs} {9-Clubs} , Eberle bet out 150,000 and Wood called. On the turn of the {2-Hearts}, action was checked around. On the river card of the {8-Clubs} , Wood moved all in and Eberle folded.

Woods is up to around 700,000 chips.

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Eberle Flushes Berger

The action folded to Dale Eberle who opened with a raise to 90,000 from the hijack position. Fred Berger flat called on the button and the blinds stepped aside.

They saw a flop of {8-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{2-Hearts} and Eberle led out with a bet of 200,000. Berger went into the tank for several minutes before deciding to make the call.

The turn brought the {10-Hearts} and both players made a quick check.

The river landed the {6-Clubs} and Eberle fired out a bet of 300,000. Berger made the call as Eberle flipped over {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts} for the nut flush which was good to take down the pot. Eberle now has a healthy chip lead with over 2 million in chips.

Action Since Break

The first few hands since break have been mostly raise and take it with two exceptions.

On one hand both Fred Berger and Dan Lacourse saw the flop and checked it to the river. With four clubs on board on the river, Lacourse bet out and Berger folded.

The next hand we got to the turn in a hand between Lacourse and Jerry Yamachika. On the turn with a board of {3-Clubs} {2-Diamonds} {8-Clubs} {8-Spades}, Yamachika bet out 50,000 and Lacourse folded.

Play Resumes

The players are back from the break and the cards are in the air once again.


The players are now taking a 20-minute break as they color up the yellow 1,000-denomination chips.

Silverstein Climbs Out the Cellar

Peter Silverstein has been using aggression to try and climb out of the cellar just before the break. He moved all in on back to back hands and all opponents folded. Nobody wanted to risk doubling up the short stack.

Charles Wood is now the short stack with 356,000 in chips.

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Recent Hands

In recent action, Fred Berger raised it up preflop to 75,000 and took down the blinds and antes uncontested.

Next hand, the action folded to Peter Silverstein who completed from the small blind. Dale Eberle then raised an additional 200,000 to force Silverstein out of the pot.

We then saw Charles Wood move all in from the cutoff and he also took down the blinds and antes.

Finally the only hand that saw a flop was when the action folded to Fred Berger in the small blind who completed and Dan Lacourse checked his option.

The flop came {5-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{9-Clubs} and Berger fired out 70,000 to take down the pot.