Event 42 - $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em World Championship

Event Info

Buy-in $1,000
Prize Pool $2,018,380
Players 2,218

Level Info

Level 25
Blinds 30,000 / 60,000
Ante 5,000
Event 42 - $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em World Championship
Day 3 Completed

Event #42 Concludes

That brings an end to a rapid-fire final table and the $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em World Championship. We saw a record 2,218 players take to the felt with Dan Lacourse emerging late on Day 2 to storm through the final table and capture his first WSOP bracelet and $368,832 in prize money.

The tournament was played in great spirit and has been a pleasure to follow. Congraulations to all of our money winners and thanks for tuning in to our coverage!

Congratulations to Dan Lacourse, Senior's World Champion

Dan Lacourse - Senior's World Champion
Dan Lacourse - Senior's World Champion
2218 players started this Senior's World Championship. Dan Lacourse stayed the course and in the end survived the largest field in seniors World Series of Poker history. For his win, Lacourse will take home the bracelet and $368,832. Congratulations to Dan Lacourse, Senior's World Champion.

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Dale Eberle Eliminated in 2nd Place ($ 235,141) Dan Lacourse Wins!!

Dale Eberle - 2nd Place
Dale Eberle - 2nd Place
Preflop, Dale Eberle raised to 180,000 and Dan Lacourse made the call. On a flop of {9-Hearts} {9-Spades} {K-Spades} , Lacourse checked and Eberle bet out 200,000. Lacourse made the call. On the turn of the {2-Diamonds} , Lacourse checked again and Eberle bet out 500,000. Lacourse then check-raised all in and Eberle made the call. Lacourse had Eberle covered.

Lacourse: {9-Diamonds} {7-Hearts}
Eberle: {K-Diamonds} {4-Diamonds}

Lacourse had a set of nines and Eberle had kings up. Only a king would win him the hand. The river fell the {8-Diamonds} and Lacourse became our Senior's World Champion!

Dale Eberle is eliminated in 2nd place, winning $235,141.

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Chip Count Update

As we commence heads-up play Dan Lacourse holds the chip lead with roughly 4.1 million to Dale Eberle's 2.5 million.

Its the Retired Fireman Vs the Retired Police Officer

Today's heads up match can be considered the battle of the Ohio Emergency Services. Dan Lacrose is a retired fire fighter from Toledo, OH and Dale Eberle is a retired police officer from Akron, OH. Stay tuned and see which comes out on top.

Here Come's the Bracelet

Our tournament director has put this event on a brief pause while he grabs the bracelet and get things setup for heads up play.

Marc Fluss Eliminated in 3rd Place ($156,424)

Marc Fluss - 3rd Place
Marc Fluss - 3rd Place
The button is with Dale Eberle for the first hand after the break. Eberle folded and Dan Lacourse completed from the small blind. Marc Fluss checked his option from the big blind.

They took a flop of {6-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{3-Clubs} and Lacourse led with a bet of 160,000. Fluss then moved all in over the top for an additional 665,000 chips. Lacourse stood and thought for a few moments before announcing a call.

Lacourse: {Q-Spades}{4-Diamonds}
Fluss: {6-Spades}{10-Spades}

Fluss held top pair and the lead as Lacourse showed just a straight draw. The turn blanked the {8-Spades} but the {2-Clubs} fell on the river. Fluss’ gallery cheered thinking that their man had won, but Lacourse defiantly yelled “straight!” to take down the pot and eliminate Fluss in third place for $156,424.

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