2022 888poker XL Winter Series
Event 45 - $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. World Championship

Event Info

Buy-in $50,000
Prize Pool $7,104,000
Players 148

Level Info

Level 28
Blinds 0 / 0
Ante 0

Hand #297 - Michael DeMichele


Erick Lindgren brought it in with a {6-?}, Michael DeMichele completed with a {6-?}, Lindgren folded and DeMichele won the pot.

Hand #296 - Erick Lindgren


Scotty Nguyen: (X) (X) {4-?} {9-?} {K-?} {4-?}
Erick Lindgren: (X) (X) {7-?} {7-?} {3-?} {4-?}

Erick Lindgren brought it in and Scotty Nguyen completed. Michael DeMichele folded and Lindgren called. Nguyen bet 4th street and Lingren called. Nguyen check-called Lingren's bet on 5th street but folded to his 6th street bet. Erick Lindgren won the pot.

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Hand #295 - Michael DeMichele


Scotty Nguyen had the bring-in with a {Q-?}, Michael DeMichele completed showing a {5-?}, Erick Lindgren called with a {5-?} and Nguyen showed rolled-up queens before folding. Fourth street brought an {A-?} for DeMichele and a {J-?} for Lindgren. DeMichele bet out and Lindgren folded.

Updated Chip Counts

Scotty Nguyen - 10,085,000
Michael DeMichele - 3,040,000
Erick Lindgren - 1,675,000

Hand #293 - Michael DeMichele


Scotty Nguyen (X-X) {3-?} {K-?} {3-?} {6-?} (X)

Michael DeMichele (X-X) {10-?} {A-?} {Q-?} {J-?} (X)

Erick Lindgren had the bring-in with a {10-?}, Nguyen completed, DeMichele called and Lindgren folded. Fourth and fifth streets brought bets from DeMichele and calls from Nguyen. On sixth DeMichele slowed down and checked, Nguyen bet and DeMichele called. DeMichele checked dark on seventh, and called a bet from Nguyen.

Nguyen showed... two pair. DeMichele's {Q-?} {J-?} {10-?} {5-?} {A-?} was good and he won the pot.

Still Anybody's Game

Although the stack sizes might indicate that DeMichele and Lingren are playing for 2nd place, that's far from the case. Both have had all their chips in the middle on more than one occasion in the last couple of days and have made epic comebacks and with the limits where they are, a good or bad run of cards could be ideal or a disaster for any one of these players.