39th Annual World Series of Poker Main Event

Some Hands From Thierry van den Berg

On the first hand, Thierry van den Berg raised to 5,500 from under the gun. Egerton Bullock called on the button. The flop came down {Q-Spades} {J-Clubs} {3-Hearts} and van den Berg bet 6,500. Bullock called.

The turn was the {3-Clubs} and van den Berg checked. Bullock bet 10,000 and then van den Berg raised all in for around 90,000. Bullock folded and Thierry showed {K-Clubs} {7-Clubs}.

"Wow," said Jason Lester.

"I get no hands guys, I have to do it like this," responded van den Berg with his accented tongue.

On the next hand, van den Berg called an all in from Bullock with {A-Diamonds} {K-Clubs}. Bullock held {K-Hearts} {K-Diamonds}. Despite turning a flush drawing and a straight draw, Bullock's kings held up.

Van den Berg has 54,000 now.

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