2008 World Series of Poker

39th Annual World Series of Poker Main Event
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2008 World Series of Poker

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39th Annual World Series of Poker Main Event

Day 3 Completed

Day 3 Official Chip Counts

Day 3 chip leader Jeremy Joseph
Day 3 chip leader Jeremy Joseph
The chips have been tallied and recorded following Day 3 in the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event. 474 players and the official end-of-day leader is Jeremy Joseph, who surpassed Jeremiah Smith late in the session and finished with 1,458,000 in chips. The overnight top ten:

Jeremy Joseph 1,458,000
Jeremiah Smith 1,079,500
Mark Ketteringham 950,000
Kyle Carlston 932,500
Dag Martin Mikkelsen 931,000
Alan Jaffray 908,500
Owen Crowe 900,000
Alexander Kostritsyn 887,000
James McManus 875,000
Chris Barrile 873,500

Play will resume at 1pm on Friday from a roomy Amazon Room.

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Day 3 Concludes

Jeremy Joseph - Day 3 Chip Leader
Jeremy Joseph - Day 3 Chip Leader
1,307 players started Day 3 of this year's Main Event. Brian Schaedlich started the day in the chip lead, but as fate would have it he would finish the day with only 22,000. The money bubble burst with Steve Chung being the unfortunate bubble boy. On a brighter note for Chung, he will not leave totally empty-handed. His seat for next year's Main Event is locked in, courtesy of Harrah's.

A new chip leader emerged in Jeremy Joseph, who enters Day 4 with 1,470,000 in chips. Jeremiah Smith, Owen Crowe, Alexander Kostritsyn, and Dag Martin Mikkelsen round out the top five in chips. Many pros were eliminated today including Jennifer Harman, Vanessa Rousso, Phil Gordon, and Thor Hansen. Two prior Main Event champions remain in the field. Phil Hellmuth will enter Day 4 looking for his 12th bracelet, while Johnny Chan will seek his 11th bracelet and third Main Event Championship.

Due to an extended bubble period, Day 4 will start Friday at 1 p.m. PDT. As always, PokerNews will be here to bring you all the exciting action. Please join us next time as we march towards a new World Champion.

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The Bigger they are the Harder they Fall

Bad Day at the Office
Bad Day at the Office
Brian Schaedlich started today as the big chip leader. How a day spent around the baize can change things. He leaves today with just 22,000 in his bag. The final damage was done in a hand versus Jens Klaning. Chips were already in the middle and the rest went in once the turn had been dealt, giving us a {9-Hearts} {8-Hearts} {5-Spades} {J-Spades} board.

Schaedlich flipped over {J-Hearts} {K-Hearts} for top pair and second-nut flush draw. Klaning tabled {5-Diamonds} {8-Diamonds} for two pair. The river {A-Diamonds} changed not a thing, meaning the 665,000 goes the way of Klaning.

After the hand a philosophical Schaedlich blamed Mike Matusow for drawing an eight rather than a five earlier.

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The Next Group

These players receive $25,090:

518: Chau Giang
519: William Douglas Smith
520: Hamid Jahangard
521: Serj Markarian
522: Derei Asher
523: David Sacks
524: Michael Perez
525: Brian Montag
526: Bob Slezak
527: -
528: Wendell Olsen
529: Vlad Teposu
530: Kim Wooka

Quoth Gus Hansen: Sick

Gus Hansen is still in the event, but that's not stopping him from coming over to sweat Dag Martin Mikkelsen's table. He says he's the big stack at his table with 330,000 -- but at Dag's table, he'd be the short stack, as the stacks are massive. "Sick!" he says.

Eight More Hands

A draw was just held to determine the number of hand left to play for the night. Mike Matusow drew and we will play eight more hands, and then call it a night.

It was also announced that play will resume tomorrow at 1 p.m. PCT, instead of the customary noon start time.