2021 GG Spring Festival PokerStars SCOOP 2021 partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event 15 - $5,000 No Limit Hold'em

Event Info

Prize Pool $3,078,500
Players 655

Level Info

Level 30
Blinds 60,000 / 120,000
Ante 15,000

Clash of the Titans

Fabian Quoss
Fabian Quoss
The two biggest stacks had a small skirmish that left Brian Lemke a little poorer.

Fabian Quoss raised to 180,000 from the small blind and Lemke reraised an additional 380,000 from the big blind. After a couple of minutes of thought, Quoss pushed all in for 3 million more and it was Lemke's turn to tank.

Eventually, he mucked his cards and conceded the pot to Quoss, who has extended his chip lead and added more than 400,000 more to his stack.

Keller Collects in Limped Pot

Thomas Keller limped from the small blind and Lika Gerasimova checked her option in the big blind.

In a rare limped pot, the flop landed {8-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{9-Spades} and both players checked. The turn brought the {2-Spades} and Keller fired out 80,000 to take it down.

Gerasimova Doubles on First Hand Back

Lika Gerasimova
Lika Gerasimova
On the first hand back from dinner, Thomas Keller raised to 175,000 from under the gun and Lika Gerasimova pushed all for 455,000 more.

Keller tanked for nearly two minutes before he finally called and the hands were shown.

Gerasimova: {A-Spades}{10-Hearts}
Keller: {K-Spades}{J-Clubs}

When the board ran out {5-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{6-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} Keller couldn't improve and Gerasimova doubled her stack to 1.2 million.

Updated Chip Counts

Fabian Quoss - 3,415,000
Brian Lemke - 2,360,000
Thomas Keller - 2,290,000
Mike Sowers - 1,130,000
Lika Gerasimova - 635,000

Dinner Break

The five remaining players will now enjoy a 60-minute dinner break. When they return we'll be playing it out until a new WSOP bracelet winner is crowned! We'll be back at 9:45pm local time.

Gone Sowers

Mike Sowers
Mike Sowers
In a rare hand where we've seen some postflop play, action started when Thomas Keller raised to 135,000 from under the gun and got called by Mike Sowers in the big blind.

Sowers bet 180,000 on a flop of {9-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{Q-Clubs} and Keller flatted. Sowers bet another 310,000 at the {K-Diamonds} on the turn, and Keller called again.

When a flush came with the {3-Clubs} on the river, Sowers checked and Keller pushed his remaining chips into the middle. Sowers thought the action through for just a few seconds before releasing his hand.

Keller is now at 2.3 million while Sowers is done to about 1.25 million.

Danny Illingworth Eliminated in 6th Place ($109,871)

Danny Illingworth
Danny Illingworth
Danny Illingworth pushed 685,000 in chips into the middle from early position and got called by Thomas Keller on the button.

Illingworth: {A-Clubs}{8-Hearts}
Keller: {A-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}

A flop of {10-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} brought a straight draw for Illingworth and a sweat for Keller who would fall to around 300,000 if he lost the hand. The {3-Diamonds} and {10-Spades} ended the drama and gave Keller the pot.

Illingworth went home in sixth position with $109,871.

Quoss Wields the Big Stack

In a rare open for Thomas Keller, he raised it up to 150,000 from the cutoff and action passed to Fabian Quoss in the big blind who thought for a few moments before asking for a count of Keller's remaining stack. After liking what he saw, Quoss announced a reraise all in, covering his short-stacked opponent.

Keller went into the tank with a decision for his tournament life but gave it up as Quoss starts to get heavy-handed with his big stack.