2022 888poker XL Winter Series WSOPC Rozvadov
Event 23 - $10,000 World Championship No Limit Deuce to Seven Draw

Event Info

Buy-in $10,000
Players 96

Level Info

Level 23
Blinds 12,000 / 24,000
Ante 6,000

Wahlbeck Picks up 200k

Nick Schulman opened for 75,000 and Ville Wahlbeck called. Both players drew one card.

Wahlbeck led out for 125,000 after the draw and Schulman called.

Wahlbeck's T-9-7-4-3 was good and he took down the pot.

More Chips to Schulman

Every pot is vital to Ville Wahlbeck now. If he wants to make a comeback, he can't lose many at all. He opened to 75,000 and was called by Nick Schulman. Schulman took one card on the draw, while Wahlbeck stood pat.

Both players checked the second betting round. Schulman tabled 10-9-6-4-3, besting Wahlbeck's J-8-7-4-2.

Play Resumes

Card are back in the air. Is this the final level?

Schulman Surges Ahead

Schulman is closing in on his first bracelet.
Schulman is closing in on his first bracelet.
We've finally had our first sizable pot of heads-up play. Ville Wahlbeck opened the button to 60,000, then called after Nick Schulman re-raised to 200,000. Schulman rapped pat before Wahlbeck took one card.

Once the draw was complete, Schulman led out for 260,000. Wahlbeck rubbed his forehead as he double-checked the card he received on the draw. He glanced up at Schulman briefly while absent-mindedly riffling his chips and trying to discern the correct action. After a minute he called. Showdown!

Schulman: 9-7-5-4-3
Wahlbeck: muck

It's a huge setback for Wahlbeck, knocking back almost half of his stack.

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Ship it to Finland

Nick Schulman opened for 60,000 and Ville Wahlbeck called. Wahlbeck drew two cards while Schulman took one. Both players checked after the draw.

Schulman's Q-T-8-6-4 fell to Wahlbeck's T-7-6-4-3 and the Finn dragged the pot.

Small Pots

It was Nick Schulman's turn with the button and therefore his turn to open to 60,000. Ville Wahlbeck called and drew two. Schulman took one card, at which point a camera flash went off.

"Just a reminder, no flash photography please," announced TD Brooks Turk. It's the first admonition against flash photography we've heard this year, a nice change from last year (when the announcement was made several times a day).

After the draw both players checked. Schulman opened J-8-5-4-2 to take down the pot.