2021 World Series of Poker Europe 888poker WPTDS London Online
Event #2: $50,000 Poker Player's Championship

Hand #231 - Michael Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi

This time Michael Mizrachi raises it up to 225,000 from the button and Vladimir Schmelev makes the call.

The flop lands {Q-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{A-Spades} and both players check. The turn is the {3-Clubs}. Again, it's checked through. The river is the {3-Hearts} and Schmelev bets out 250,000. Mizrachi takes his time before raising it up big...to two million.

Schmelev took a moment and declared "call". Mizrachi opens {3-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} for running trips! The TD counts down Schmelev's stack and he's left with just small change - it looks like 600,000.

This one is very close to done and done!