Event #17: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.

Friedman Fires To No Avail, Chow Calls Him Down

[user197301] • Level 28


Michael Chow: (X)(X) - {2-}{J-}{Q-}{5-}
Adam Friedman: (X)(X) - {6-}{K-}{7-}{A-}

Chow bet out on third and fourth streets and Friedman made the call both times. After another bet of 100,000 by Chow, Friedman raised to 200,000 but Chow could not be shaken even with two face cards showing. Friedman tried again on sixth street to force Chow's into the muck, with a bet of 100,000, but Chow called him down.

On seventh street Friedman led out once more for 100,000 and Chow looked him up, tabling his {6-}{3-}{Q-} down cards for a 2-3-5-6-J low. This was good enough and Friedman slid his cards face down into the muck.

This loss dropped Friedman to only 500,000 chips, good for just five big bets, and pushed Chow to the 1,400,000 mark.

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