2011 World Series of Poker

Event #32: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
Days: 2

Kats Runs Out of All Nine Lives

Stephen Kats was nursing a short stack of eight big blinds when he got it all in preflop holding {A-Clubs}{Q-Spades}. His sole opponent held {K-Clubs}{10-Clubs}, which meant Kats was in good shape to double. Unfortunately for him, the {K-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{5-Clubs} flop delivered his opponent not only a pair of kings, but a flush draw as well.

The {2-Spades} turn mean Kats needed an ace on the river, which ended up coming the {5-Diamonds}. Kats has been eliminated from the tournament, earning his second cash of the 2011 WSOP in the process.

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Stephen Kats
Stephen Kats

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