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Event #35: $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha / Six Handed

Event Info

Buy-in $5,000
Prize Pool $2,382,900
Players 507

Level Info

Level 29
Blinds 40,000 / 80,000
Ante 0

Winzeler Attacks


Since the players returned from break, Hans Winzeler has come out swinging, taking down two sizeable pots to move into the chip lead with more than 2.7 million.

Earlier, Winzeler raised to 100,000 from the button and Steven Merrifield folded from the small blind pre-flop before Jason Mercier called to go heads-up to the flop of {2-Spades}{2-Clubs}{7-Hearts}. Mercier check-called Winzeler's bet of 150,000, but then check-folded after Winzeler fired a second shell on the turn of the {2-Hearts}.

Then in the very next hand, Merrifield raised from the button and Mercier folded the small blind before Winzeler called from the big blind to see a flop heads-up of {9-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}. From there, Winzeler check-raised to 585,000 after Merrifield opened for 190,000. Merrifield wasn't interested and sent his hand into the muck.

With the average chip stack around 2.38 million, the players aren't as quick to put bets out there now. Gear yourselves up for a long night, people!

Hans Winzeler us
Hans Winzeler
us 2,740,000 440,000
Steven Merrifield us
Steven Merrifield
us 2,530,000 -245,000
Jason Mercier us
Jason Mercier
us 2,280,000 -260,000

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Play Resumes

[user135779] • Level 27: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante

The cards are now back in the air!


Breakin' it to the Streets

[user135779] • Level 26: 20,000-40,000, 0 ante

The players are are now taking full advantage of a 15-minute intermission.

Tens Full for Winzeler

Chad_Holloway • Level 26: 20,000-40,000, 0 ante

Steven Merrifield raised to 90,000 on the button and was called by Hans Winzeler from the big blind. The flop came down {K-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{4-Hearts} and Merrifield check-called a bet of 225,000. The same exact action occurred on the {4-Spades} turn, bringing about the {K-Spades} on the river.

This time both players checked and Merrifield showed the {4-Diamonds} for trips; however, Winzeler rolled over {10-Clubs}{10-Spades}{9-Clubs}{4-Clubs} for tens full and the win.

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Winzeler Wins a Couple


With only three players left in WSOP #35, Hans Winzeler has picked up the first couple of pots from Jason Mercier and Steven Merrifield.

Earlier, Merrifield raised to 80,000 before the flop; Jason Mercier folded the small blind and Winzeler called from the big blind before check-calling Merrifield's bet on the flop of {8-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} before both players checked the turn of the {A-Diamonds}.

Winzeler then check-called the bet of 165,000 from Merrifield on the river of the {3-Spades}; Merrifield showed {7-Spades}{7-Clubs}{x-}{x-}, but mucked after Winzeler opened up {J-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{4-Hearts} for the bigger two pair.

Moments later, Winzeler limped in from the button and Merrifield completed the small blind before Mercier checked before everyone checked down the flop of {A-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{10-Hearts}. Merrifield then checked the turn of the {4-Clubs}; Mercier bet 155,000 and Winzeler and Merrifield called before the dealer produced the {4-Hearts} on the river.

Merrifield and Mercier checked to Winzeler who led out for 325,000, but the two M's folded after that.

Steven Merrifield us
Steven Merrifield
us 3,365,000 15,000
Jason Mercier us
Jason Mercier
us 2,675,000 -225,000
Hans Winzeler us
Hans Winzeler
us 1,600,000 260,000

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David Chiu Eliminated in 4th Place ($156,628)

David Chiu (4th Place- $156,628)
David Chiu (4th Place- $156,628)

A short-stacked David Chiu raised from the cutoff and Jason Mercier obliged with a reraise from the big blind. Chiu had less than 300,000 and committed his entire stack to the pot.

Chiu: {A-Clubs}{K-Clubs}{J-Clubs}{4-Clubs}
Mercier: {A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}

This was one of those hands that was going to be determined by the flop, which ended up coming down {4-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}. Both players had hit two pair, but Mercier's was better. Add to the equation that Mercier held the nut-flush draw, and Chiu was in a pretty bad spot.

As the crowd took to its feet, the {6-Spades} blanked on the turn. Chiu's life came down to the river, though by that point he'd already begun to collect his things. The dealer burned once again and put out the {10-Hearts}. Mercier improved to a flush to send Chiu to the rail in fourth place ($156,628).

Jason Mercier us
Jason Mercier
us 2,900,000 360,000
David Chiu us
David Chiu
us Busted

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Joseph Ressler Eliminated in 5th Place ($105,967)

Joseph Ressler - 4th Place ($105,967).
Joseph Ressler - 4th Place ($105,967).

It's probably the worst thing in poker that you could possibly imagine. You get your money in good and then get busted in the worst way possible - your opponent hits the one-outer.

But that's exactly what happened to Joseph Ressler and as a result, he's our fourth-place finisher, collecting $105,967.

Ressler raised to 80,000 from under the gun and the action folded to Steven Merrifield who called from the small blind, as did Jason Mercier to go three ways to a flop of {7-Clubs}{K-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}. Merrifield and Mercier checked to Ressler who bet 150,000, only to see Merrifield check-raise to 425,000.

Mercier folded, Ressler snap-shoved and Merrifield insta-called.

Ressler: {K-Hearts}{K-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{2-Hearts}
Merrifield: {A-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}

Both sides of the Mothership erupted - set over set! Not the best news for Merrifield's crew, but Ressler's supporters were thrilled and became even more vocal when the {4-Clubs} bricked on the turn.

"One-outer for the ball game!" cried one of Merrifield's crew.

River: {10-Spades}


The roar that went up from Merrifield's mob drowned out the PA system in the Amazon. Merrifield jumped down from the stage and his friends bum-rushed the rail, hugging, high-fiving and fist-bumping all around. Ressler and his supporters went catatonic - all them stood rigid in the same pose, frozen in disbelief, hands over their mouths as if they were going to puke.

All the sickness aside, Merrifield is now way out in front with more than 3.3 million in chips.

Joseph Ressler
Joseph Ressler

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