Event #53: $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship

The Ladies Event Final Table Redux


Marsha Wolak takes down the crown over Karina Jett.

Marsha Wolak,2011 WSOP Ladies event bracelet winner.Marsha Wolak basks in the gloryMarsha Wolak acknowledges her supporters.Marsha Wolak  senses a victory.Heads Up: Marsha Wolak & Karina JettCarol Tomlinson out in 3rd.Marsha Wolak chip leaderCarol TomlinsonValerie McColligan reacts to seeing the river, which eliminates her in 4th.Karina Jett doubles up.Peg Ledman out in 5th.Jennifer Cowan sees her opponent flopped a straight.Katherine StahlGenevieve Gloutnez out in 8th.Jonathan Epstein out in 9th.Final Table