Event 14: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

The Brandon Schaefer Story

MarcC • Level 3: 400-800, 100 ante
Brandon Schaefer

It’s been a great start for Brandon Schaefer today as he's up to 66,700 chips already. We touched a little on Schaefer’s story yesterday but it’s worth going back there.

Schaefer burst onto the live poker scene way back in 2005 when his first live cash was winning a major. He won EPT Deauville for $186,582 and then went on to finish 2nd at the EPT Grand Final in the same season for another $465,853. From there he became a well known and liked figure in the poker community.

A couple of years back Schaefer decided to readdress the balance in his life and wanted something more. He decided to follow his brother into the US Army and train to become a Helicopter pilot. He started basic training last September and followed that up with several different courses like survival school. He’s now lean and fit and ready to start Flight school on June 15th.

Schaefer decided to play one event at the World Series of Poker in his two-week vacation period for “Old time’s sake,” and he’s very glad he did. It would be a great farewell story if he managed to win the gold tomorrow.