Event 21: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

An Orbit with Maria Ho

Paul_Oresteen • Level 8: 200-400, 50 ante
It's not too hard to spend and orbit Maria Ho.

The WSOP grind is a long one. The giant fields and 12 hour days are a far cry from the one hour TV final table episodes you see on ESPN. Tournament poker is a tedious task and we like to take the reader inside and see what it's like to spend an orbit at the WSOP.

We caught up the lovely Maria Ho, one poker's biggest crossover celebrities. She's hanging tough in today's tournament.

Hand 1 - We caught up with Maria as TD Steve Frezer got her registered in the 2-7 Triple Draw that began at 5:00 p.m. today. She was going to play it during the dinner break but had a stack of around 12,000 at the break. She came back from break and lost an {A-} {Q-} to {A-} {K-} showdown and was down to around 4,000 chips. She folded preflop.

Hand 2 - From under the gun Ho folded preflop and spent the remainder of the hand stacking her chips.

Hand 3 - A player in middle position opened for 700, got a caller from the cutoff and Ho folded her big blind. She opened her iPad and sent a text message.

Hand 4 - The player to her right opened to 800 from the button after action had folded around to him. Ho peeked at her cards so hard they snapped and shoved all in. The big blind folded and the player on the button folded after a minute's consideration.

Hand 5 - Ho was on the button and one limper entered the pot. She folded her hand and witnessed an etiquette faux paux. Her neighbor to her right leaned back in and sneezed into his shirt. It just wasn't a small sneeze either, it was a full on wet sneeze.

Hand 6 - Mr. Grossly-Sneezed-in-his-Shirt opened with 775 and Ho folded preflop. She went back to her text messaging.

Hand 7 - Seated in the Hijack position she folded preflop.

Hand 8 - Ho folded preflop and went back to her text conversation.

Hand 9 - She opened the action with shove and the table folded around. After picking up the blinds and antes she has 5,350.

Hand 10 - She folded quickly preflop and looked at pictures on Facebook.

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