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Event 22: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

That Sucks for Mad Marvin


Marvin Rettenmaier came back as the shortest stack today and in need of a miracle. It didn't come as John Hennigan has eliminated him.

Rettenmaier managed to get all his chips in before both players drew one card. Hennigan then stood pat and said, "No cards?" before he stood pat as well.

Hennigan opened {8-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} and that prompted Rettenmaier to say, "That sucks! Maybe one card."

He opened the losing {9-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} and left with a big smile upon his face.

Chip Counts
John Hennigan us 28,000 2,900
Marvin Rettenmaier de Busted

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