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Event 23: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em - Six-Handed

Are We Gonna See a 400k Pot?


As faith would have it Aaron Jones just got moved to the table where Jeff Manza was in control. Jones moved into the seat to the right of Manza who has position on his nearest rival. These two are first and second in chips and we could still see a pot worth 400,000 if they decided to go crazy.

Florian Langmann is also at this table and with 110,000 chips he also has a top ten stack. Plenty of chips over on table #18 which is right on the rail. "I think they're gonna need reinforcements for this table since it's about to collapse," one of the railbirds said as we were writing up chip counts.

Player Chips Progress
Jeff Manza
Jeff Manza
213,000 18,000
Aaron Jones us
Aaron Jones
us 205,000 -30,000
Florian Langmann de
Florian Langmann
de 110,000 26,000

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