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Event 37: $2,500 Eight-Game Mix

Jerrod Ankenman Eliminated in 20th Place ($7,900)

Jerrod Ankenman


Mikal Blomlie had the bring-in with a {Q-} and cleared the field to a short-stacked Jerrod Ankenman, who promptly raised. Action was back on Blomlie and he decided to raise after seeing that Ankenmann had just 6,900 behind. The latter made the call and was at risk.

Ankenman: {K-}{J-} / {4-}{7-}{K-}{10-} / {9-}
Blomlie: {8-}{3-} / {Q-}{8-}{J-}{5-} / {A-}

Ankenman was excited for a moment when he made a J-10-9-7-4 low, but then noticed Blomlie made a J-8-5-3-A low to win the pot. Ankenman's bid to win this event for the second time in four years comes up short as he becomes our 20th-place finisher.

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Jerrod Ankenman
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