Event 52: $2,500 10-Game Mix - Six-Handed

Selbst Takes 3/4 During Omaha 8


Omaha Hi Low

Vanessa Selbst opened for two bets and Michael Saltzburg called. The flop came {10-Clubs} {7-Hearts} {A-Clubs}, Saltzburg bet and Selbst made it two bets. Saltzburg called and the {5-Clubs} came on the turn.

Saltzburg bet out again and Selbst made it two bets a second time. Saltzburg called and the river came {9-Hearts}. Saltzburg's last bet was all in and Saltzburg called.

Selbst: {K-Clubs} {5-Diamonds} {4-Hearts} {3-Clubs}
Saltzburg: {10-Hearts} {7-Clubs} {4-Clubs} {3-Diamonds}

Selbst took the high and then chopped the low with Saltzburg.

Player Chips Progress
Vanessa Selbst us
Vanessa Selbst
us 2,992,500 222,500
Michael Saltzburg us
Michael Saltzburg
us 165,000 -85,000

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