2021 World Series of Poker Europe 888poker WPTDS London Online
Event 59: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Catching Versus Crane


Russell Crane opened for 725 from the cutoff and got a single caller from the player on the button. The flop came {A-Clubs}{3-Spades}{7-Hearts}. Crane checked, his opponent bet 1,000, and after a few seconds Crane tossed out two light blue (500) chips to call. The turn was the {J-Hearts}, and Crane checked once more. This time his opponent bet 2,000, and again after a bit of reflection Crane called the bet.

Both players checked the {K-Diamonds} river, and after some hesitation Crane showed his {A-Hearts}{8-Spades} for aces. "I got two pair," said his opponent, showing his {J-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}.

"Who would ever play jack-three," he added as the dealer pushed the chips his way. Perhaps what Crane was thinking.

Player Chips Progress
Russell Crane us
Russell Crane
us 12,400 -2,100

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