2012 World Series of Poker

Event 59: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Day: 1b
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2012 World Series of Poker

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30,000 / 60,000

Event 59: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Day 1b Completed

Day 1b Ends With Alex Cordero Standing Tall as Chip Leader

Level 9 : 300/600, 75 ante
Jake Cody - one of the bigger stacks going into Day 2.
Jake Cody - one of the bigger stacks going into Day 2.

After eight full levels and part of a ninth, Day 1b of Event 59: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em is in the books. The day began with 2,880 players and when all the dust settled, just 471 remained with Alex Cordero as your current chip leader (100,475).

Jake Cody amassed the second-biggest Day 1b stack (77,600). Cody chipped up late in the day and scored a big pot after running aces into an opponent's {A-}{Q-} all-in preflop. Others building big stacks on Thursday included Warren Russell (68,625), Owen Crowe (67,000), Jed Friedman (58,675), and Jeremy Paglieri (58,300).

Now that both Day 1's are complete, we were able to obtain the final registrant and prizepool information. A grand total of 4,620 players entered, generating a prizepool of $4,158,000. First place will receive $654,797 — not too shabby.

Some notables who took to the felt today, but fell short and busted before the day's end include Angel Guillen, Kevin Saul, Faraz Jaka, Mickey Petersen, Dennis Phillips, J.C. Tran, Lauren Kling, Joe Cada and Andy Frankenberger — who fell victim to one of poker's most brutal coolers.

Other more fortunate players who bagged some chips and will return tomorrow for Day 2 include Cherish Andrews (38,700), Ben Yu (36,750), Nam Le (34,000), Sam Grizzle (26,425), Jeff Madsen (24,925), and Joe Serock (19,750), and Amanda Leatherman (11,075).

Play is set to resume tomorrow at 1:00 PM PST, where the Day 1a and Day 1b fields will merge and play out ten levels. Be sure to stick with us here at PokerNews as we burst the money bubble and work our way toward the final table!

Until then — goodnight from Vegas!

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Official End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

Player Chips Progress
Alex Cordero ca
Alex Cordero
Jake Cody gb
Jake Cody
77,600 7,600
WSOP 1X Winner
Warren Russell ca
Warren Russell
Owen Crowe ca
Owen Crowe
Jed Friedman us
Jed Friedman
Jeremy Paglieri fr
Jeremy Paglieri
Frank Labate us
Frank Labate
58,225 -2,275
Michael Rushton us
Michael Rushton
David Bonneau ca
David Bonneau
David Steirman us
David Steirman
Santiago Nadal us
Santiago Nadal
Carlos Caro us
Carlos Caro
Azim Popatia ca
Azim Popatia
Hieu Nguyen us
Hieu Nguyen
Luigi Petrone us
Luigi Petrone
Jefri Islam at
Jefri Islam
Bodo Sbrzesny at
Bodo Sbrzesny
Peter Kaemmerlen us
Peter Kaemmerlen
Bjorn Li au
Bjorn Li
Adam Brosius us
Adam Brosius
Nicholas Moore us
Nicholas Moore
Ismail Yagci tc
Ismail Yagci
Juan Manuel Vazquez Moreno de
Juan Manuel Vazquez Moreno
Jason Lee us
Jason Lee
Martin Vallo dk
Martin Vallo

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Le's Ladies Send One Home

We didn't catch the exact preflop action, however, it appeared that the player in the hijack seat opened and, directly behind him in the cutoff, Nam Le three-bet enough to put him all in. Everyone else folded and Le's opponent called all in for about 10,000 to put himself at risk.

Le: {Q-Hearts}{Q-Spades}
Opponent: {10-Spades}{10-Diamonds}

The {J-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{A-Hearts}{4-Spades} board kept Le in the lead - eliminating his opponent and chipping Le up to 31,000 in the process.

Player Chips Progress
Nam Le us
Nam Le
31,000 19,000

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Brenes and Chum

"The shark!"

So said a player earlier as he arrived at Humberto Brenes's table. Brenes responded with a grin. "I'm hungry!" he said, eyes wide.

Just now Brenes opened for 1,675 from middle position, and it folded around to that same player in the big blind. He checked his cards, and after flashing his hand quickly to Brenes he mucked. Brenes quickly showed his {8-Hearts}{8-Spades} and scooped the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Humberto Brenes cr
Humberto Brenes
13,500 -5,300

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Scramble and Gamble!

Level 9 : 300/600, 75 ante

Players are back and cards are in the air! We are looking at about 18 more minutes' worth of poker tonight before play concludes. At present 530 of those who began Day 1b are still with us, all hoping to join the 256 who made it through Day 1a.

Level: 9

Blinds: 300/600

Ante: 75