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Event 61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Luongo Brothers in Tan


Over in the Tan section NHL goaltender Roberto Luongo has taken some time away from the ice to battle it out on the felt. The Canucks' goalie seems to be quite at home as he has built his stack up to over 80,000. A table away sits Fabio Luongo, Roberto's brother. The two can be seen exchanging words every so often when they're not in a hand, we don't know what they talk about, but it probably has something to do with Fabio having over 100,000 in chips.

On the other side of the Tan Section Kathy Liebert's seat sits open. We talked to the table to find out what happened, and apparently she three-bet shoved for around 3,800 preflop. The table folded around to the initial raiser and he made the call. Liebert had {Q-}{j-} while her opponent tabled {A-}{8-}. The flop came {A-}{A-}{10-} and Liebert was never able to catch up and was subsequently eliminated.

Player Chips Progress
82,000 36,000
80,000 19,000
62,000 -2,000
54,000 12,000
51,000 -11,000
41,000 -1,000
40,000 -6,000
38,000 5,000
28,000 12,000
Owen Crowe ca
Owen Crowe
ca 24,800 2,600
Mathew Frankland gb
Mathew Frankland
gb 19,000 -5,000
18,000 -3,000
Kathy Liebert us
Kathy Liebert
us Busted