MSPT Deadwood 2021 NJSCOOP 2021 MISCOOP
Event 7: $1,500 Seven Card Stud

Good Save By Douglas

Chau Giang (Day 1)

After Barry Greenstein brought in with the {2-Hearts} up, Shane Douglas was next in line with the {K-Clubs} showing and completed. Chau Giang was the only caller.

Douglas: (x)(x) / {K-Clubs}{8-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts} / (X)
Giang: (x)(x) / {9-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} / (x)

On fourth street, Douglas bet and Giang called. The same action happened on fifth, but then Giang picked up the leading hand with a pair of nines showing on sixth. He led with a bet and Douglas called. On seventh, Giang bet again. Douglas took a bit of time and then finally made the call.

Giang turned over the {J-Clubs}{J-Hearts}{9-Hearts} for nines full of jacks. Douglas showed that he made three queens with the {A-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}, but it was a losing hand. The table were astonished by how disciplined Douglas was in not raising on seventh and saving some bets.

Chip Counts
Chau Giang us 41,000 5,200
Shane Douglas us 12,000 -3,200

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