Event #55: The $50,000 Poker Players' Championship

Ashton Extends Lead

Chad_Holloway • Level 26

Limit Hold'em

Don Nguyen raised the button and Matthew Ashton called, bringing about a flop of {j-Hearts}{3-Spades}{2-Spades}. Ashton checked, Nguyen bet and Ashton woke up with a check-raise. Nguyen called and then called a bet on the {5-Diamonds} turn. Both players checked the {6-Spades} river and Ashton tabled the {a-Diamonds}{2-Spades}. Nguyen double checked his cards and then mucked.

Player Chips Progress
Matthew Ashton gb
Matthew Ashton
gb 18,100,000 800,000
Don Nguyen us
Don Nguyen
us 1,700,000 -800,000

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