Event #61:$10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Multiway Pot To Ivey

donpeters • Level 4: 150-300, 0 ante
Phil Ivey

Sammy Farha limped in from under the gun, AP Phahurat limped in from the next seat, David Williams limped behind him, then action folded over to Phil Ivey on the button. He also limped, Perry Green folded from the small blind, then the big blind fired in a raise to 1,950. Farha, Williams and Ivey all called, and the dealer ran out the {8-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{5-Spades} flop. Action checked around.

The turn card paired the board with the {6-Spades} and added a second flush draw. Play was checked over to Ivey, and he fired 4,000. The big blind, Farha and Williams all folded, and Ivey won the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Phil Ivey us
Phil Ivey
us 60,000 7,000

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