2014 World Series of Poker

Event #23: $1,000 Turbo No-Limit Hold'em
Days: 2

Hands #103-107: Polk Gaining Momentum

Level 28 : 30,000-60,000, 10,000 ante

Hand #103: Doug Polk opened to 125,000 and Andy Philachack called from the big blind. Flop was dealt {k-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} both players checked to see the {9-Hearts} on the turn, and checked again for the {q-Spades} on the river. Philachack check-called a bet of 165,000 from Polk. Polk turned over {q-Hearts}{10-Clubs}, Philachack mucked

Hand #104: Philachack opened to 130,000, Polk shoved all-in, and Philachack folded.

Hand #105: Polk opened and took it down.

Hand #106: Philachack opened to 130,000 and Polk made the call. The flop came {2-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{k-Clubs} and both players checked to the {a-Hearts} on the turn. Philachack bet 200,000 and Polk folded.

Hand #107: Polk open-shoved; Philachack folded.

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