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Cantu Controversy

Brandon Cantu

We arrived at the table in time to see a heated argument between Brandon Cantu and Matt Szymaszek during a hand of 2-7 triple draw. When we came upon the scene, the tournament director was making a ruling over the hand. We're unsure of the action, but voices quickly became louder with Cantu arguing over the outcome of the ruling.

Jesse Martin, from the next table over, shouted to the tournament director, telling him that Szymaszek "plays draw games every day," knew the rules, and was not attempting to angle shoot.

"Shut the f*** up," retorted Cantu, bluntly.

From there, the arguing match between Cantu and Martin escalated.

"You're an angle shooter, Brandon," said Martin. "Nobody f***ing likes you."

An angered Cantu then made his way over to Martin's table. Despite the presence of another floor staff member in between the two of them, Cantu stormed over and attempted to shove Martin before the floor was fully able to intervene. Cantu quickly made his way back to the table and went back to pleading with the tournament director over the ruling.

"Get him out of here!" said Martin. "He punched me. Ban him. Get him out of here."

By the end of the confrontation, four different floor staff members and six security guards surrounded the table. The tournament director gave Cantu a one-round penalty for being disruptive, which another tournament director increased to a two-round penalty. Cantu stormed out of the Amazon Room and play continued on.

Our very own Sarah Grant grabbed Cantu for an interview during the break, and that video will be posted shortly.


  • GregM305 GregM305

    Jesse basically said what everyone thinks. Cantu is on the Mount Rushmore of poker douches

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