Event #42: $5,000 Six-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha

Crawford Doubles Through Drummond

123md • Level 23: 10,000-20,000, 0 ante
Brandon Crawford

Michael Drummond raised to 40,000 on the button and Brandon Crawford called from the big blind. The flop came down {10-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} and Crawford wound up all in for 182,000 after a little flurry.

Drummond: {A-Hearts}{A-Clubs}{6-Spades}{6-Diamonds}
Crawford: {A-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}

The {K-Spades} turn kept Drummond in the lead, but the {Q-Clubs} river gave Crawford broadway to double up.

Player Chips Progress
Brandon Crawford US
Brandon Crawford
US 454,000 224,000
Michael Drummond us
Michael Drummond
us 210,000 -205,000

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