Event #46: $50,000 Poker Players' Championship

Brock Busts

SantanaBandana • Level 17
Brock Parker


Jonathan Duhamel: {x-}{x-} / {2-}{q-}{3-}{j-} / {x-}
Brock Parker: {x-}{x-} / {3-}{j-}{k-}{4-} / {x-}

Todd Brunson brought it in with a {9-}, Frank Kassela called with a {7-}, James Obst completed with a {3-}, and Duhamel raised. Parker reraised, Duhamel was the only caller, and Parker led out on fourth street. Duhamel called, then led out on fifth when he made a better board. Parker called.

Duhamel led out again on sixth, Parker raised, and Duhamel called all-in.

Duhamel: {7-}{6-}
Parker: {a-}{2-}

Duhamel improved with a {10-} on seventh street, and Parker bricked with a {q-}. The 2010 WSOP Main Event champion doubled through, while Parker was left with a very short stack.

He was all in the next hand against Scott Seiver. In the end, it looked like this:

Parker: {2-}{3-} / {2-}{5-}{a-}{9-} / {10-}
Seiver: {a-}{5-} / {3-}{7-}{q-}{j-} / {4-}

Seiver made a seven low, Parker a nine, and the latter was eliminated two spots shy of the money.

Chip Counts
Scott Seiver us 777,000 57,000
Jonathan Duhamel ca 513,000 313,000
Brock Parker us Busted

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