Event #57: The $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop

Cates and Polk -- Mortal Enemies?

Happy_Freaked • Level 2: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante
Daniel Cates

"You're just a d**** bag," Daniel Cates said, as he looked at Doug Polk who's sitting right across from him at the table.

The two no-limit hold'em wizards have been known to battle it out online and it seems like there's much more underlying history as well.

"If you want to play I'll play you any game heads up right now," Doug Polk fired back at Daniel Cates, as the two were emerged in a very heated discussion about past games they played.

"I'll play both of you heads up in any game besides hold'em," Jason Mercier chimed in, as the players at the table burst out in laughter.

"I'll play you heads up no-limit hold'em and one other game," Cates responded, as he was not backing down from a possible battle.

After some back-and-forth mumbling, Cates raised his voice and sarcastically said, "Congratulations on being better than me after you beat me once at one game. Let's play some other games. You said I coached you for only three hours ever, but I know it was way more."

There was a brief pause as Polk didn't respond.

"You're a f***ing prick," Cates finished.

From the way the conversation had been going it seemed like Polk said something to set off Cates, but at this point Polk was ready for this situation to be over.

"You're too unreal," Polk sighed, "Can we just not do this."

"Last night your mother even called to congratulate me," Polk added, as the entire table held its breath thinking this was the ultimate needle.

"Is that true?" Mercier sheepishly asked.

"That's actually true," Cates responded, as there's a lot more going on between these two players than we can possibly find out from the few quotes we just overhead. Friends or enemies, for now we'll say it's a bit of both.

The two seem a bit more cordial now, but we'll offer any updates as they arise.

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