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Event #28: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

Darren Rabinowitz Eliminated in 5th place ($93,917)

SandraBarbour • Level 27: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante
Darren Rabinowitz

Hand #51: Gal Yifrach opened to 100,000 in the hijack. Aaron Mermelstein, in the small blind, called. Darren Rabinowitz, in the big blind, raised all in for 1,200,000. Yifrach folded. Mermelstein made the call.

Aaron Mermelstein: {8-Hearts}{8-Spades}
Darren Rabinowitz: {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds}

Mermelstein hit a pretty favourable flop of {5-Spades}{8-Clubs}{3-Spades}. The {7-Clubs} turn and {a-Clubs} river completed the board and that was it for Rabinowitz, eliminated in fifth place for $93,917.

Player Chips Progress
Aaron Mermelstein us
Aaron Mermelstein
us 3,750,000 1,250,000
Darren Rabinowitz us
Darren Rabinowitz
us Busted

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