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Event #35: $1,500 Mixed Omaha

Matt Woodward Among the Leaders After Day 1 of $1,500 Mixed Omaha

ajlamers • Level 10: 200-400, 0 ante
Matt Woodward

The day has come to an end at the World Series of Poker and the remaining 225 players in Event #35: Mixed Omaha were the last ones to leave the building. Matt Woodward bagged himself an impressive 82,425 chips to sit among the leaders heading into Day 2.

Woodward entered the tournament just prior to the first break and found himself sitting at the same table as Phil Hellmuth for a greater portion of the day. After a few clashes with one of the greats, Woodward brought a healthy stack to David Bach's table and laid a beating on the chip leader at the time. The US poker pro already has a final table to his name this summer in the $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. event where he finished in fourth place. Woodward also has over $2.4 million in career tournament earnings with the majority of them coming in the mixed game variants.

He will closely be following the chip leader on the day, Peter Nett, who bagged the top stack of 91,450. A few other big stacks moving on after a successful first day include Ammon Warner (80,350) and James Alexander (50,175). With a total of 773 entries, this marks the largest ever Mixed Omaha event held at the WSOP. That may be in part to the fact that a single re-entry option was given to the players for the first eight levels.

It was a late start to the day with the cards getting in the air shortly after 3pm local time which meant the action carried on into the wee hours of the night. Plenty of familiar names showed up to play some split-pot poker and the chopped pots were plentiful in the first few hours. There was not much chip movement after the first couple levels while the stakes were still small.

As the blinds continued to grow, the chip leaders started to pull away from the rest of the pack. Carol Fuchs (33,300) was the first to amass a heap of chips, taking over the lead in the early going. Fuchs already has one WSOP gold bracelet to her name coming back in 2015 in the $1,500 Dealers Choice event.

Many players exchanged the chip lead throughout the day and it passed through the hands of many notables. Andrew Barber held a big stack late in the day and wound up bagging 58,000 chips. Some other notables moving on to Day 2 include Mike Ross (77,875), Dylan Wilkerson (46,525), Joao Simao (42,500), David Bach (34,800), Barry Greenstein (34,050), and Hellmuth (27,000).

A few of the familiar faces that failed to make it to the end of the day include Marcel Luske, James Woods, Norman Chad, Mike Sexton, Scott Clements, and Jeff Madsen. When the remaining 225 players return for Day 2, there will still be quite a bit of play before the money bubble is reached. There will be 116 players lucky enough to grab a piece of the $1,043,550 prize pool with a min-cash being worth $2,258.

Another full ten levels will be on the schedule for Day 2 starting off on level 11. The levels will be 60-minutes in length with a 15-minute break after every two levels and a 60-minute dinner break after the sixth level. The action will get underway at 2pm local time inside the Rio Convention Center with those managing to last until the end of the day returning for Day 3.

Continue to follow along with the PokerNews live reporting team for all of the live updates throughout the event.

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip Counts
Amazon4001Paul SiemUnited States73,700
Amazon4002Chip JettUnited States22,375
Amazon4003Noomis JonesUnited States43,025
Amazon4004Nicolas HalvorsonUnited States26,700
Amazon4005Sergey AltbreginRussia45,150
Amazon4006Cody CrouchUnited States38,180
Amazon4007Elizabeth TedderUnited States13,800
Amazon4011Kenichi TakakiJapan21,400
Amazon4012Bart O'ConnellUnited States15,500
Amazon4013Eric DawsonUnited States35,625
Amazon4014Timothy BatowUnited States24,650
Amazon4015Steven WolanskyUnited States14,600
Amazon4016Michael NooriUnited States25,125
Amazon4017Martin CorpuzUnited States12,500
Amazon4021Glen HickmanUnited States35,200
Amazon4022Quang TruongUnited States11,700
Amazon4023David FussUnited States11,500
Amazon4024Christopher CareyUnited States31,100
Amazon4025Christopher FalangaUnited States8,175
Amazon4026Jesse SimonelliUnited States34,400
Amazon4027James LewisUnited States4,825
Amazon4031Millard HaleUnited States19,200
Amazon4032Igor SharaskinRussia23,000
Amazon4033Corey HochmanUnited States23,800
Amazon4034Sandeep VasudevanUnited States8,375
Amazon4035Ammon WarnerUnited States80,275
Amazon4036Tony MaUnited States39,475
Amazon4037Claude MarbleuFrance11,400
Amazon4041Jim CollopyUnited States24,800
Amazon4042Allyn ShulmanUnited States5,600
Amazon4043Renan BruschiBrazil25,025
Amazon4044Kristopher MonteithUnited States1
Amazon4045Conrad HiggsUnited States12,450
Amazon4046Itzhak WeltfreidUnited States35,650
Amazon4047Veerachai VongxaiburanaUnited States6,380
Amazon4051Jesse HamptonUnited States36,875
Amazon4052Kenneth PoUnited States23,850
Amazon4053Roland IsraelashviliUnited States26,700
Amazon4054Mike KrescankoUnited States46,725
Amazon4055Connor DrinanUnited States30,000
Amazon4056Michael JacobsUnited States54,050
Amazon4057Georgii BelianinRussia22,700
Amazon4061Hernan SalazarUnited States23,250
Amazon4062Danny ChangUnited States32,975
Amazon4063Barry GreensteinUnited States34,050
Amazon4064Robert DukesUnited States6,050
Amazon4065Joseph SkinnerUnited States37,075
Amazon4066Eddie BlumenthalUnited States19,275
Amazon4067Benjamin ZamaniUnited States3,000
Amazon4071Reymond DeleonUnited States19,375
Amazon4072Zachary RieselmanUnited States30,000
Amazon4073Joao SimaoBrazil42,500
Amazon4074Christopher GallagherUnited States8,125
Amazon4075Matthew SmithUnited States16,075
Amazon4076Mark GregorichUnited States54,775
Amazon4077Benjamin KerfootUnited States25,225
Amazon4081Allan LeUnited States16,150
Amazon4082Jared HemingwayUnited States18,400
Amazon4083Mark DubeUnited States44,000
Amazon4084Dennis EichhornUnited States20,225
Amazon4085David CaruthersUnited States22,625
Amazon4086Rodolphe ZagouryUnited States7,325
Amazon4087Colin GelkerUnited States19,025
Amazon4091Timothy VuksonCanada2,925
Amazon4092Jeffrey BedardUnited States45,625
Amazon4093Darryll FishUnited States16,275
Amazon4094William HaggertyUnited States15,525
Amazon4095Robert JacksonUnited States45,600
Amazon4096Terrance BottUnited States14,925
Amazon4097Andrew YehUnited States10,125
Amazon4101Konstantin BeylinUnited States12,800
Amazon4102Anthony ArvidsonUnited States60,875
Amazon4103Yueqi ZhuChina22,100
Amazon4104Qinghai PanUnited States14,950
Amazon4105Tyler GrothUnited States8,000
Amazon4106Jeffrey McdonaldUnited States8,400
Amazon4107Rodney BurtUnited States40,875
Amazon4111Lars NickolaiGermany41,600
Amazon4112Pascal LeyoUnited States38,075
Amazon4113Kristy DownsUnited States48,175
Amazon4114David WoodUnited Kingdom24,650
Amazon4115Magnus EdengrenSweden42,325
Amazon4116Chris FergusonUnited States4,400
Amazon4121Jeffrey VaughnUnited States52,800
Amazon4122Joshua CohenUnited States7,200
Amazon4123Niko GhagCanada14,100
Amazon4124Allen CunninghamUnited States27,975
Amazon4125Calen McNeilCanada17,725
Amazon4126William MigelyUnited States34,025
Amazon4127Jonathan ShahUnited States42,575
Amazon4131Scott ClarkUnited States25,500
Amazon4132Pedro RiosUnited States19,670
Amazon4133Paul HunterUnited States14,825
Amazon4134Barry LevyUnited States67,650
Amazon4135Gregory BitterlyUnited States13,950
Amazon4136Jose GalindoUnited States9,500
Amazon4137Michael MckennaUnited States6,050
Amazon4141Thomas TaylorCanada20,400
Amazon4142Tobias HausenGermany15,350
Amazon4143Derek RaymondUnited States11,500
Amazon4144Bruno FitoussiFrance6,850
Amazon4145Brian MalcolmUnited States9,075
Amazon4146Matt GregoireUnited States13,925
Amazon4147Amit SanderUnited States7,750
Amazon4151Frank VisserNetherlands42,250
Amazon4152Jon TurnerUnited States50,850
Amazon4153Nathan GambleUnited States32,550
Amazon4154Natasha MercierUnited States22,425
Amazon4155Jeffrey CalkinsUnited States15,350
Amazon4156Doug LorgereeUnited States27,400
Amazon4157Robert GibsonUnited States19,675
Amazon4161Aaron RogersUnited States8,000
Amazon4162Spencer ChenUnited States4,750
Amazon4163Jeffrey DuvallUnited Kingdom9,975
Amazon4164James AlexanderUnited States50,175
Amazon4165Jared KoppelUnited States29,700
Amazon4166Ariel BaschUnited States7,650
Amazon4167Justin LibertoUnited States6,200
Amazon4171Bart HansonUnited States29,525
Amazon4172Berry JohnstonUnited States4,500
Amazon4173Max PescatoriItly28,550
Amazon4174Michael RossUnited States77,875
Amazon4175Brandon AgeloffUnited States11,800
Amazon4176Jonathan DepaUnited States32,625
Amazon4177Cosimo UratoUnited States8,300
Amazon4181Christopher BattenfieldUnited States8,950
Amazon4182David BarracloughUnited Kingdom18,725
Amazon4183Damon MarraUnited States44,975
Amazon4184Roy Jean GuyCanada33,200
Amazon4185Dylan WilkersonUnited States46,525
Amazon4186Jordan MeltzerUnited States22,800
Amazon4187David WhiteUnited States3,125
Amazon4191Thao ThiemUnited States45,325
Amazon4192Jordan SpurlinUnited States51,700
Amazon4193Dominic PascuaUnited States8,800
Amazon4194Evgeny KocherovRussia69,300
Amazon4195Jody FayantCanada13,675
Amazon4196Danny ScottCanada23,125
Amazon4197Jeffrey MitseffUnited States20,050
Amazon4201Joshua LevkovUnited States8,000
Amazon4202Dan HeimillerUnited States37,500
Amazon4203David IsraeliteUnited States9,025
Amazon4204Christopher ConradUnited States41,925
Amazon4205Gregory JamisonUnited States26,275
Amazon4206DID NOT REPORT 1United States28,200
Amazon4207Jonathan CohenCanada26,900
Amazon4211Kim KallmanFinland14,250
Amazon4212Jordan SiegelUnited States20,420
Amazon4213Brian KincaidUnited States7,375
Amazon4214Kaylen LebaronUnited States26,075
Amazon4215Aaron HendersonUnited States32,550
Amazon4216Sean MooreUnited States51,225
Amazon4217David BachUnited States34,800
Amazon4221Viatcheslav OrtynskiyAustria27,700
Amazon4222Andrew BrownUnited States20,800
Amazon4223Andrew CookUnited States23,075
Amazon4224Daniel KentUnited Kingdom75,875
Amazon4225Kyle MiasoUnited States35,925
Amazon4226Kyle CartwrightUnited States10,350
Amazon4227Mitchel MeltzerUnited States23,900
Amazon4231Stephen ChidwickUnited Kingdom7,600
Amazon4232Carey PickusUnited States12,650
Amazon4233Anthony FrederickUnited States17,225
Amazon4234Sergey ZaporozhetsRussia32,400
Amazon4235Stuart RutterUnited Kingdom12,400
Amazon4236Alex VisbiskyUnited States14,725
Amazon4237Ryan TurnerUnited States14,075
Amazon4481Andreas HoleNorway36,150
Amazon4482Patrick WilcoxUnited States10,275
Amazon4483Dion KabaUnited States24,800
Amazon4484Ed TonnellierCanada21,950
Amazon4485Ryan HughesUnited States55,300
Amazon4486William BuckleyUnited States34,575
Amazon4491Matthew WoodwardUnited States82,425
Amazon4492Kinh DangUnited States13,350
Amazon4493Marc PerlmanUnited States41,825
Amazon4494Phil HellmuthUnited States27,000
Amazon4495Stephanie ChungUnited States16,675
Amazon4496Diane OnealUnited States28,825
Amazon4497Nathaniel WiesnerUnited States22,850
Amazon4501Martin StaszkoCzech Republic36,950
Amazon4503Peter NeffUnited States91,450
Amazon4504Ryan PalufUnited States15,975
Amazon4505Robert GoldfarbUnited States22,650
Amazon4506Pj ChaUnited States31,000
Amazon4507Andrew WatsonUnited States12,050
Amazon4511Ralph RuddUnited States31,900
Amazon4512Andrey ZhigalovRussia44,525
Amazon4513Jeffrey LandherrUnited States24,425
Amazon4515Cameron MitchellUnited States34,000
Amazon4516Matthew SchultzUnited States2,825
Amazon4517Kirk StoneUnited States13,100
Amazon4521Viacheslav ZhukovRussia9,400
Amazon4522Brendan TaylorUnited States15,500
Amazon4523Todd WittelesUnited States20,000
Amazon4525Christina LienUnited States17,850
Amazon4527Jason StockfishUnited States6,925
Amazon4551Aleksey FilatovUnited States46,250
Amazon4553Erik SeidelUnited States16,025
Amazon4554Jason AdamsUnited States53,500
Amazon4555Alex DifeliceUnited States63,000
Amazon4556Carol FuchsUnited States33,300
Amazon4557Todd PetittUnited States13,700
Amazon4561Stephen LadowskyCanada8,050
Amazon4562Dmitry PokhabovRussia33,800
Amazon4563Brandon ButlerUnited States15,500
Amazon4564Peter LevineUnited States15,125
Amazon4565Gary BoldenUnited States27,550
Amazon4566George AlexanderUnited States49,475
Amazon4567Brian JordanUnited States24,000
Amazon4571Louis PiccioniUnited States3,625
Amazon4572Max HoffmanUnited States8,600
Amazon4573Andrew BarberUnited States58,000
Amazon4575Jameson PainterUnited States7,725
Amazon4576Lisa AhumadaUnited States10,100
Amazon4577Damjan RadanovUnited States4,500
Amazon4582Sachin RamrakhaniUnited States27,000
Amazon4583Gabriel RamosUnited States80,300
Amazon4584Karthik RamakrishnanUnited States9,475
Amazon4585James DempseyUnited Kingdom17,000
Amazon4586John CernutoUnited States42,700
Amazon4591Sean EichendorfCanada11,075
Amazon4593Robert MizrachiUnited States40,150
Amazon4594Young JiUnited States6,375
Amazon4595Paul HolderUnited States36,250
Amazon4596Frank GomenaUnited States12,030

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