Event #42: $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed High Roller

Tollerene Gets a Heated Welcome

zedmaster84 • Level 1: 150-300, 0 ante

Jacob Kalb raised the pot first to act and the action folded to Ben Tollerene in the big blind. He reraised the pot and faced a pot-sized reraise to 7,800 by Kalb. Tollerene opted to make it 23,550 and Kalb went over the top to force a near instant fold from Tollerene.

Right after the hand was over, Esther Taylor took a seat next to Kalb.

Richard Gryko put a small dent into the early big stack of Maxime Heroux when betting half the pot for 10,100 on the river of a board {K-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{4-Clubs} in a battle cutoff versus small blind. Both had checked the turn and Heroux check-folded the river.

Last but not least, Aleksandr Gofman raised the pot and called a three-bet by Yuki Ko. The flop came {A-Clubs}{7-Spades}{6-Spades} and Gofman checked, Ko continued for 2,550 and that was all it took to end the hand right there. One table over is fellow Russian Artem Babakhanyan, who finished in 4th place in this very tournament one year ago.

Player Chips Progress
Maxime Heroux ca
Maxime Heroux
ca 170,000 -15,000
Jacob Kalb US
Jacob Kalb
US 150,000 150,000
Richard Gryko gb
Richard Gryko
gb 135,000 135,000
Yuki Ko jp
Yuki Ko
jp 127,000 4,000
Artem Babakhanyan ru
Artem Babakhanyan
ru 125,000 125,000
Esther Taylor us
Esther Taylor
us 125,000 125,000
Aleksandr Gofman ru
Aleksandr Gofman
ru 120,000 -5,000
Ben Tollerene us
Ben Tollerene
us 102,000 102,000

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