2022 888poker XL Winter Series
Event #13: $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw

Craig Chait Eliminated in 7th Place ($10,232)

Djinn • Level 21: 5,000-10,000, 15,000 ante
Craig Chait

Action kicked off with a cutoff raise from Jerry Wong (22,000). Ajay Chabra three-bet yet again, this time to 95,000, in the small blind. Big blind Craig Chait then moved all in for 190,000 total, Wong got out of the way and there was still a decision to be made. Chabra patted and Chait tanked a little, the table holding their collective breath. Eventually he chose to break his hand.

Chait showed {9-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{3-Spades}{2-Diamonds}. The bad news was that Chabra’s {9-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{5-Spades}{2-Hearts}{3-Diamonds} had him drawing dead and his final {6-Hearts} an irrelevance.

With that, the six-handed final is set for a 2pm start tomorrow. Stay tuned for an end-of-day recap and chip count and seating information.

Player Chips Progress
Ajay Chabra us
Ajay Chabra
us 1,031,000 201,000
Craig Chait us
Craig Chait
us Busted

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