Event #30: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Zedan Absolutely Running Over the Table

MartianNews • Level 29: 50,000-100,000, 0 ante
Luis Zedan

Gregory Donatelli opened to 250,000 from under the gun and Christopher Conrad called in late position. Luis Zedan announced pot and then pushed in 1,150,000.

Only Conrad called and the dealer spread out {k-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{7-Hearts} on the flop. Conrad checked to Zedan who instantly potted and Conrad just as quickly let his hand go, shipping the pot to Zedan.

Player Chips Progress
Luis Zedan us
Luis Zedan
us 9,350,000 1,850,000
Christopher Conrad us
Christopher Conrad
us 985,000 -1,540,000

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