Event #30: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Stanislav Parkhomenko Eliminated in 8th Place ($23,654)

MartianNews • Level 29: 50,000-100,000, 0 ante
Stanislav Parkhomenko

Thida Lin opened to 225,000 from under the gun and Stanislav Parkhomenko three-bet to 825,000. Lin moved all in and Parkhomenko called for his total stack 1,025,000.

Stanislav Parkhomenko: {a-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}{4-Clubs}
Thida Lin: {a-Clubs}{7-Spades}{6-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}

The flop came down {q-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{5-Spades} and Lin took the lead with her two pair. A {5-Hearts} on the turn improved her to a full house and Parkhomenko would now need an ace to stay alive.

The {4-Clubs} river was not that and Parkhomenko was eliminated to Lin's full house.

Player Chips Progress
Thida Lin us
Thida Lin
us 6,795,000 1,445,000
Stanislav Parkhomenko bg
Stanislav Parkhomenko
bg Busted

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