Event #47: $1,000/$10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Vanessa Kade Eliminated in 14th Place ($7,311)

SandraBarbour • Level 25: 20,000-40,000, 40,000 ante
Vanessa Kade

Vanessa Kade moved all in on the button for 705,000 and Jill Pike called from the big blind.

Vanessa Kade: {j-Spades}{j-Clubs}
Jill Pike: {a-Clubs}{k-Spades}

Pike hit a favorable flop of {k-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{2-Clubs}. The {6-Spades} turn and {9-Spades} river filled up the board and Pike took down the pot, ending Kade's run in 14th place for $7,311.

Player Chips Progress
Jill Pike us
Jill Pike
us 2,200,000 650,000
Vanessa Kade ca
Vanessa Kade
ca Busted

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