Event #54: $10,000 Heads Up No Limit Hold'em Championship [No Late Reg, 128 Cap]

Sergi Reixach Eliminated in 10th Place ($24,832)

Peters vs Reixach

Blinds: 7,200/14,400

Sergi Reixach raised to 28,800 from the button and David Peters three-bet to 86,400. Reixach four-bet shoved for 346,800 which Peters called with the bigger stack.

Sergi Reixach: {a-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}
David Peters: {a-Spades}{j-Spades}

The flop came {2-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}{q-Spades} for both of them to flop a pair but keeps Peters ahead.

The turn was the {5-Hearts} which didn't change things and neither did the {10-Spades} on the river as Peters advanced to the next round.

Player Chips Progress
David Peters us
David Peters
us 960,000 381,600
Sergi Reixach es
Sergi Reixach
es Busted

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