Event #64: $840 Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em

Ruivo Can't Get There

Manuel Ruivo

Manuel "robocup" Ruivo shoved all in for 1,521,588 in early position and Tim "TMay420" West came over the top for just a few chips more.

Manuel "robocup" Ruivo: {a-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}
Tim "TMay420" West: {k-Diamonds}{k-Spades}

Ruivo flopped a queen on {5-Clubs}{q-Spades}{4-Clubs} but the other outs remained in the deck on the {4-Hearts} turn and {7-Clubs} river to finish in 24th place. Shortly after Ruivo's bust, Faraz "Pokerguy21" Jaka and

Player Chips Progress
Tim "TMay420" West
Tim "TMay420" West
2,366,364 105,588
Manuel "robocup" Ruivo
Manuel "robocup" Ruivo
Lavrentiy "888WTB02" Ni kz
Lavrentiy "888WTB02" Ni
kz Busted
Faraz "Pokerguy21" Jaka us
Faraz "Pokerguy21" Jaka
us Busted