Event #64: $840 Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em

"MonsterCurry" Eliminated in 13th Place ($9,239)

MonsterCurry vs Maslak

Konstantin "makRUSgreaga" Maslak raised to 504,000 from under the gun and "MonsterCurry" three-bet shoved from the hijack for 1,601,188 for the action to fold back to Maslkas who made the call with the bigger stack.

"MonsterCurry": {k-Hearts}{j-Clubs}
Konstantin "makRUSgreaga" Maslak: {a-Hearts}{10-Spades}

The board ran out [7s2c2htc4h[ for Maslak to turn the pair of tens to bust "MonsterCurry".

Player Chips Progress
Konstantin "makRUSgreaga" Maslak RU
Konstantin "makRUSgreaga" Maslak
RU 11,311,784 2,406,188
Jon "JPC123" Clark gb
Jon "JPC123" Clark
gb 7,283,655 1,730,000
Gueorgui "CONAN14" Gantchev us
Gueorgui "CONAN14" Gantchev
us 4,534,867 795,000
Tim "TMay420" West
Tim "TMay420" West
2,933,589 -940,000
Kartik "Mandovi" Ved IN
Kartik "Mandovi" Ved
IN 2,905,517 -820,000
Javier "" Marco_damme" Fernandez mt
Javier "" Marco_damme" Fernandez
mt 1,310,172 -615,000
MonsterCurry ID
ID Busted