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Event #8: $500 No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout

Philip "tomte" Yeh Eliminated in 15th Place ($5,457.51)

BrandonTemple • Level 37: 50,000-100,000, 12,500 ante

Philip "tomte" Yeh raised to 200,000 from middle position, leaving himself just 48,144 behind. Jeffrey "bortzork" Miller three-bet shoved for 1,244,185 in the small blind, and Yeh called off his remaining chips.

Philip "tome" Yeh: {j-Spades}{7-Clubs}
Jeffrey "bortzork" Miller: {4-Hearts}{4-Clubs}

Yeh picked up a gutshot on the {a-Hearts}{q-Hearts}{k-Clubs} flop, but Miller's fours held on the {6-Hearts} turn and {5-Diamonds} river to earn the knockout.

Player Chips Progress
Jeffrey "bortzork" Miller us
Jeffrey "bortzork" Miller
us 1,692,329 310,644
Philip "tomte" Yeh
Philip "tomte" Yeh

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