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Event #59: $1,000 Tag Team

Team Weisner Eliminated in 18th Place ($3,836)

connorrichards • Level 21: 10,000-20,000, 20,000 ante
Melanie Weisner - Xuan Liu

Melanie Weisner of Team Weisner was wounded after running a river bluff with ten-high and getting called by a rivered top pair of Holly Babbitt of Team Babbitt.

A few hands later, Weisner was all-in and at risk on a flop of {7-Spades}{4-Clubs}{3-Spades} against Team Erdwurm.

Melanie Weisner: {k-Clubs}{q-Clubs}
Team Erdwurm: {a-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}

Team Erdwurm had ace-high and Weisner couldn't get ahead as the board ran out {4-Spades}{3-Diamonds}.

Player Chips Progress
Zachary Erdwurm - Steven Jones
Zachary Erdwurm - Steven Jones
500,000 -35,000
Melanie Weisner - Xuan Liu
Melanie Weisner - Xuan Liu

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