Event #68: $1,111 Little One for One Drop

Former Event Champion Scoops a Pot Early

Leo_Contreras • Level 1: 100-100, 100 ante
Adrian Moreno Wins Event 74!

Adrian Moreno was facing a bet of 200 from the small blind on the turn with the board showing {3-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}.

Moreno raised to 600 and was quickly called by the small blind. The river was {k-Hearts} and the small blind checked.

Moreno bet 1,600 and the small blind tanked before mucking his hand. Moreno then showed {a-Diamonds}{5-Hearts} for the wheel and he scooped in the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Adrian Moreno us
Adrian Moreno
us 42,000 2,000

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