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Event #78: $10,000 Razz Championship

Hellmuth Doubles a Third Time Through Monnette

OHairDJ • Level 20
Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth: {7-}{4-}/{8-}{k-}{7-}{10-}/{4-}
John Monnette: {5-}{2-}/{6-}{6-}{a-}{6-}/{a-}

Phil Hellmuth called the bring-in and John Monnette completed. Hellmuth called.

Hellmuth called a bet from Monnette on fourth street and the rest of Hellmuth's chips went in on fifth.

Monnette's board left him with a full house and Hellmuth doubled up with a king-low.

Player Chips Progress
John Monnette us
John Monnette
us 1,000,000 -200,000
Phil Hellmuth us
Phil Hellmuth
us 550,000 350,000

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