(NV/NJ) Online Bracelet $888 PLO Crazy 8’s 8-Max [3x Re-entry]

Event Info

Buy-in $888
Prize Pool $417,600
Players 522

Level Info

Level 32
Blinds 60,000 / 120,000
Ante 0

Players Info - Day 1

Players Left 1
Entries 522 (NV/NJ) Online Bracelet $888 PLO Crazy 8’s 8-Max [3x Re-entry]
Day 1 Completed

Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker Wins First Bracelet and $95,338 in Online Bracelet $888 PLO Crazy 8’s 8-Max

connorrichards • Level 32: 60,000-120,000, 0 ante
WSOP Bracelet
WSOP Bracelet

Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker of Washington won his first World Series of Poker bracelet early Monday morning by taking down (NV/NJ) Online Bracelet $888 PLO Crazy 8’s 8-Max [3x Re-entry] for a score worth $95,338. Stoker had to get through a field of 522 entrants before defeating Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj during a heads-up battle that finished in under 30 minutes.

The tournament generated a prize pool of $417,600 and it took over 11 hours for a winner to emerge. Stoker entered the eight-handed final table fifth in chips and was able to chip up by knocking out Edward "eddiegood598" Good, who finished in seventh when his two pair was no good against the set of the eventual champion. Online Bracelet $888 PLO Crazy 8’s 8-Max Final Results

 1Ryan "Santasbzack2" StokerUnited States$95,338
 2Tony "tonisinz" SinishtajUnited States$58,756
 3Quang "qpoker205" NgoUnited States$40,131
 4Alex "Draw5" FerrariUnited States$27,896
 5Chan Woo "Rikishi" KimUnited States$19,794
 6Andrew "randylerch" KelsallUnited States$14,282
 7Edward "eddiegood598" GoodUnited States$10,524
 8Allan "atl777" LeUnited States$7,983

Stoker began heads-up play with the chip advantage after eliminating Quang "qpoker205" Ngo when he made two pair against the latter player's overpair. Sinishtaj, who entered the final table with a commanding chip lead, briefly took the lead during heads-up play before Stoker took it right back, and he eliminated Sinishtaj shortly after.

Stoker had to get through a star-studded field to earn his first WSOP bracelet — a field that included Daniel "Dnegs" Negreanu, Yuri "domenicus18" Dzivielevski, Jason "EddieVedder" Koon and Dylan "Iheartcookie" Weisman, who himself won his first bracelet just days ago in Event #28: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha.

That wraps up the PokerNews live reporting team's coverage of (NV/NJ) Online Bracelet $888 PLO Crazy 8’s 8-Max [3x Re-entry], but be sure to check out the live reporting team's coverage of other WSOP events.

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Sunday, October 3Event #2: $500 NLH BIG 5007423251067$480,150Mark "NJ_AcesmarkA" Herm$89,336
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Sunday, October 17Event #4: $888 PLO Crazy 8's 8-Max295227522$417,600Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker$95,338
Sunday, October 24Event #5: $1,000 Championship555299854$768,600Kazuki 'hyahhoo3' Ikeuchi$152,797.68
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Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj Eliminated in 2nd Place ($58,756)

connorrichards • Level 32: 60,000-120,000, 0 ante
Tony Sinishtaj
Tony Sinishtaj

Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj briefly re-took the chip lead but then Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker took it back.

The two then got in an all-in confrontation that went in favor of Stoker and Sinishtaj was eliminated in second place for a score of $58,756.

PokerNews could not capture the final hand as the final table closed immediately after Stoker secured the victory.

Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker us
Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker
us 10,600,000 7,042,888
Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj
Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj

"qpoker205" Eliminated in 3rd Place ($40,131)

connorrichards • Level 31: 50,000-100,000, 0 ante

"qpoker205" three-bet to one million in the small blind and Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker called after opening on the button.

"qpoker205" then moved in for 1.8 million on the flop of {9-Spades}{q-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} and Stoker called.

"qpoker205": {a-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}{k-Spades}{9-Hearts}
Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker: {a-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}

Stoker was on a flush draw but didn't need it as the board ran out {3-Clubs}{7-Clubs} and he had the best hand with two pair, sending "qpoker205" to the rail.

Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker us
Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker
us 6,177,888 3,362,064
Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj
Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj
4,262,112 250,000
qpoker205 us
us Busted

Chan Woo "Rikishi" Kim Eliminated in 5th Place ($19,794)

connorrichards • Level 30: 40,000-80,000, 0 ante

Chan Woo "Rikishi" Kim got all of his chips in against Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj on the turn on a board of {2-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}.

Chan Woo "Rikishi" Kim: {a-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{10-Spades}{2-Diamonds}
Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj: {q-Clubs}{j-Clubs}{j-Spades}{9-Spades}

Kim was on a flush draw against Sinishtaj's set and couldn't get there as the {2-Clubs} hit on the river.

Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj
Tony "tonisinz" Sinishtaj
5,547,628 1,095,712
Chan Woo "Rikishi" Kim us
Chan Woo "Rikishi" Kim
us Busted