[Online] $1,000 PLO 6-Max

Koutelidakis Doubles With Flopped Boat

NicholasBaltz • Level 27: 20,000-40,000, 0 ante
Greg "shpadoones" Koutelidakis

Jeffrey "Jbrownski" Brown opened to 60,000 and both "Goforbrok3" and Greg "shpadoones" Koutelidakis called.

On the flop {j-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{3-Spades} Koutelidakis fired 97,500 and only "Goforbrok3" called.

The turn brought the {q-Hearts} and Koutelidakis sized up to 390,000. "Goforbrok3" min-clicked to 780,000 and Koutelidakis called all in.

Greg "shpadoones" Koutelidakis: {3-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}
"Goforbrok3": {j-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{8-Spades}

Koutelidakis had flopped a full house and the {k-Clubs} river secured him the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Jeffrey "Jbrownski" Brown us
Jeffrey "Jbrownski" Brown
us 2,030,000 609,508
Greg "shpadoones" Koutelidakis us
Greg "shpadoones" Koutelidakis
us 1,338,000 969,592
Goforbrok3 US
US 1,181,000 -796,950

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