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Event #54: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed Championship

Paul Leckey Triples

Shamus • Level 11: 1,000-2,000, 0 ante

With about 45,000 chips already in the middle and the board reading {J-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{5-Clubs}, Paul Leckey shoved from the hijack for 31,600, Micah Smith reshoved from the cutoff, and Kurt Fruchtman called from the button to put both players at risk.

Leckey had {J-Clubs}{J-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{8-Hearts} and Smith {Q-Spades}{9-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{7-Hearts}, meaning Leckey had top set, and while Smith had a wrap, Leckey's open-ended straight draw meant that some of Smith's outs would result in a chop. Meanwhile Fruchtman's hand was missed in the rapid action, though he was well behind Leckey, too.

The {5-Hearts} turn gave Leckey the nut boat and left both of his opponents in even worse shape, and the {Q-Hearts} river meant Leckey tripled while Smith won the side pot against Fruchtman.

Player Chips Progress
Paul Leckey ie
Paul Leckey
ie 133,000 96,200
Kurt Fruchtman CA
Kurt Fruchtman
CA 62,000 9,300
Micah Smith us
Micah Smith
us 21,000 -4,000

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