2017 World Series of Poker

Event #67: $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed High Roller
Days: 3

Dario Sammartino Eliminated in 6th Place ($197,007)

Level 25 : 40,000-80,000, 0 ante
Dario Sammartino
Dario Sammartino

The two minor hands prior brought plenty of entertainment in table chat when Alexey Rybin said, "Always raise," to James Calderaro, prompting Esther Taylor to shoot back an, "Always call," in the direction of Rybin. This caused chuckles all around the table, and even the always-serious Artem Babakhanyan cracked a smile.

Then, Dario Sammartino limped in, and Rybin min-raised to 160,000. James Calderaro, in the big blind, smiled over to Rybin, who said with a dry voice in Russian accent, "You say always call, so I raise." Calderaro called, and Sammartino raised the pot to 680,000.

"What can I do?" Rybin asked and folded half a minute later. Calderaro added, "I am not going to fold. I will finish him off," and raised the pot to see Sammartino call all in for around 1,400,000.

Dario Sammartino: {K-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}
James Calderaro: {A-Clubs}{K-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{8-Clubs}

Calderaro announced the cards to his rail, who then asked for the {A-Diamonds}. Calderaro replied, "He has diamonds," so his rail asked for the {A-Clubs} instead, which Calderaro had in his hand.

The flop fell {A-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}, and Calderaro found his ace, but Sammartino was alive with a flush draw. The Italian added a second flush draw on the {8-Diamonds} turn, and Calderaro's rail asked for a black three. The river was the {4-Spades}, and Sammartino was eliminated in sixth place for $197,007.

Player Chips Progress
James Calderaro us
James Calderaro
9,950,000 1,750,000
Badge Title
Alexey Rybin ru
Alexey Rybin
5,800,000 70,000
Dario Sammartino it
Dario Sammartino

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