Event 2 - £2,500 H.O.R.S.E.

Newitt Gets New Life


Showing {Q-Spades} {A-Spades}, Jason Newitt traded raises with one opponent, while a third played monkey in the middle, calling every bet from Newitt and his nemesis until the action was capped at 1,500.

On fifth Street, Newitt picked up the {K-Hearts} and his opponent fired a bet that put Newitt all in for his last 75 worth of chips; the other opponent in the hand got out of the way and of course Newitt made the call.

Newitt was slightly behind when the money went in, as his opponent held two pair (sixes and threes) but the {3-Spades} Newitt picked up on sixth Street did wonders for his chances of staying alive, as it gave him new outs for a flush.

With one card to come, Newitt was working with [{Q-Clubs} {4-Spades}] {Q-Spades} {A-Spades} {K-Hearts} {3-Spades}, needing a queen, four, ace, king, three or any spade to best his opponent's two pair. Luckily for him, Seventh street delivered, giving him the {5-Spades} and the nut flush.

His opponent blanked on the end, receiving an ace, and was unable to make a low hand, therefore Newitt scooped the entire pot and now sits with about 7,800 in chips.

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