Event 2 - £2,500 H.O.R.S.E.

Quad Aces Any Good?

2004 WSOP Main Event Runner-up David Williams

David Williams has just doubled through Woody Deck to give himself a little bit of extra breathing room as we approach the final minutes of Level 8.

Pre-flop, Deck opened the pot with a raise to 1,600 from early position. Williams then kicked it up another notch, making it 2,400 to go; Deck flat called.

A stunning {A-Spades} {A-Diamonds} {A-Clubs} flop led to a check-bet-call sequence, with Williams doing the betting.

The {5-Clubs} fell on the turn and once again, Deck passed the option to Williams, who fired again, this time for 1,600. Deck then opted to check-raise, putting Williams all in for his last 900 and he quickly called, rolling over the {A-Hearts} for quads.

Deck mucked his hand immediately and the dealer erroneously swept his cards into the muck. By rule, Deck's hand should've been turned over, as it was an all in and call situation. The players protested, but the cards remained in the muck.

Williams was happy, nonetheless, as he stacked up right around 15,000 in chips after the hand.

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